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CHIEF ENGINEER, feeder type container vessel

Crew change planned 19.02.2024.

DWT 13 000, built 2012, China

Crew composition in ER: C/E, 2/E, Mtrm

Trade – Europe 7500 - 8000 EUR

4 +/- 1 months

Requirements: Good English, experience with MAN type main engine very much recommended, Schengen visa.

2nd officer for general cargo vessel

Readiness: 01.03.2024

DWT 8000, built 2023

Trade – Europe

3400 EUR, 4 +/-1 months

Requirements: Good English, experience as 2/O on same type of vessel at least 1 contract

Schengen visa strongly recommended.

To apply for the vacancy please fill in our application form or send  your already completed resume to

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